About Us

Don't just live. Be alive. Change your perspective, change the world.

  • Ipsum

    Furnished apartment

  • Ipsum

    Home office

  • Dolor

    co-working space

  • Ipsum

    Gym access

  • Ipsum

    Reliable internet

  • Dolor

    Local help

What we offer

abrd.co is accommodation for the digital nomad. We offer a range of furnished apartments with home offices and all amenities so you can just unpack your laptop and start working in a new city.

Our main plan is a round-the-world trip, in six or twelve months but you can also create your own route and adventure to your liking.

Life is an adventure. We make it easier.

Join us

Do you have a question? Email us at live@abrd.co

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    Prague - Czech Republic
    Budapest - Hungary
    Malaga - Spain
    Tallinn - Estonia
    Lyon - France
    Tokyo - Japan
    Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam
    Nelson - New Zealand
    Tbilisi - Georgia
    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Bogota - Columbia
    Santiago - Chile
    Mexico City - Mexico

Amenities at all locations

    - Comfortable, furnished apartment with a double bed and kitchen
    - Home office with desk, chair and external displays
    - Reliable high-speed internet and a mobile data hot spot / data SIM
    - Local gym membership
    - Membership to a local co-working space
    - English-speaking local help
    - Pass for public transport

For companies

Offer your employees a remote work month as a benefit. Let us handle the logistics.

For you?

Do the trip you always dreamed of, around the world in 12 months. Work and live in a different city every month, try out that language you studied, make lifelong friends, meet the love of your life, find the place you want to settle in.